Welcome to Biodraft, a biotech blog started by Liang Chang (PhD student at Broad/Harvard) and Kirill Karlin, MD (pathology resident at BIDMC/Harvard Medical School). 

Why did we start Biodraft?

We met through working together on a biotech stock pitch project at the Harvard Biotech Club, glad to see our shared passion to be biotech’s humble students. We believe that we are living in the most exciting times for new biotech ventures, and the best way for trainees like us to learn about biotech is to “get our hands dirty” - start with a topic and a blank sheet of paper, read papers and S1s, make sense of technology and data, build excel models, put together an article or slide deck to summarize what we learned. Thus, we plan to post our monthly biotech study notes on interesting topics we learned. We want to use these biotech study notes, “Biodrafts”, not only as a starting point for our learning, and also as a way to spark interesting ideas and discussions from all of you! If you like what we do, please subscribe to this substack newsletter by simply enter your email address when you first clicked in.

Our studynote inventory 

  • (More to come, stay tuned!)

Who are we?

I’m Liang, a 5th year PhD student at the Broad Institute and Harvard Medical School I work on new functional genomic technologies to find cancer therapeutic targets and mechanisms (here’s my first-author Cancer Cell perspective article on targeting pan-essential genes). I’m also a senior business development fellow at Harvard OTD, helping to commercialize early life science technologies right out of Harvard labs. I’m excited about learning the science and business around new therapeutics, from lab to patients. Contact me: Twitter, Linkedin

I’m Kirill, a pathology resident at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Harvard Medical School. I am passionate about how new diagnostic modalities are reshaping the way medicine is practiced. Between medical school and residency, I have been involved in multiple healthcare startups, where I helped build and ship products in the rare disease space and precision medicine (January.ai, Asimov Medical).  Contact me: Twitter, Linkedin

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Biodraft_ is a biotech blog started by Liang Chang (PhD student at Broad/Harvard) and Kirill Karlin, MD (pathology resident at BIDMC/HMS). As trainees in science/medicine and students in biotechs, we post our monthly biotech analysis on various topics.


Liang Chang

PhD student @Broad Insititute @Harvard. Senior BD Fellow @Harvard OTD. Passionate about the science and business around new therapeutics. Learn and write about biotech trends and landscapes

Kirill Karlin

Here to explore new ideas and discuss the latest biotech trends. Pathology resident at BIDMC/Harvard medical school. Co-founder Asimov Medical. Previously, product at January.ai.